Dylan's Story:

At the age of three, Dylan began telling us his head hurt, and every once in a while we noticed that he would grab his head and rest it on the couch.  But Dylan was a strong, full-of-life little boy that never let anything get in the way of doing the things he loved.  So after a few short seconds, he would be right back at it, laughing and making us laugh, so we convinced ourselves it was nothing.

Of course we were worried, and we never ignored the pain.  For four months we took Dylan to the doctor looking for answers and each time we heard the same thing:  "There is fluid behind the eardrum"... followed by a prescripton for an antibiotic to fight the ear infection.

We wanted desperately to believe it was nothing more than that, but our minds found no rest.

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Our Mission:

It is the Dylan Earven Foundations mission to provide financial support to the children and the families of our community who are afflicted by childhood cancer and other life-threatening diseases. We will strive to raise awareness of this devastating disease and serve as a positive impact on our community.
Help Support the Foundation:

Over 40,000 children endure cancer treatment each year. Beyond fighting just the disease, parents who should be focusing on helping their child heal are often fighting overwhelming medical bills as well. The average out-of-pocket cost for a family with a child battling cancer is over $10,000. In addition to the cost of treatment, the hidden costs of food, transportation, and lodging often add to the financial burden. When children are sick, as adults we feel powerless. We wonder, “What can I do to help?” Giving a donation of any amount makes a difference. By donating to The Dylan Earven Foundation, you enable loved ones to provide emotional and financial support to their child battling cancer.

Some people think one person - one donation - can’t make a difference.
But every donation is important and every dollar counts.
Since we are a volunteer based non-profit organization, all funds raised goes directly to support families in our community.
"On Easter day I get to dye eggs so I mix all the colors together to make the most colorful egg of all ....
It's a beautiful day!"
"On my way home from Tucson, after my doctor's appointment, I see all the leaves on the trees changing colors ...
It's a beautiful day!"
"I spot a patch of flowerrs on the side of the road, and I tell my Dad to stop so I can pick some for my mom ...
It's a beautiful day!"
"Watch me as  ride my bike as fast as I can because today I feel good ....
It's a beautiful day!"
Multiple children are diagnosed with cancer every single day. Here are some ways YOU can help change the world for some of these kids. heart emoticon

Advocate/Jr Advocate - Learn the facts, share them, help make a change! Get the whole family involved!

Fund-raise - Do simple fundraisers to help! Yard sales, home made goods, etc are all great ways. Let your little ones get involved by having a lemonade stand, bake sell, collect can, donate their birthday etc. Let them take charge!

Donate - Are you short on time? All donations, large or small will can help a family that is need. All donations are truly appreciated by everyone at the Dylan Earven Foundation. {www.dylanearvenfoundation.org/Donating.html}

Volunteer - Find a location near you that will allow you to volunteer your time with these kids. Or find someone you know in your community and donate your time with them: help them run errands, make dinner, etc.

No matter what you choose to do, no action is TOO small.

5th Annual Dylan Earven Foundation Run
5K - 1K Walk/Run and Trike/Bike Race
Saturday, September 9, 2017

(Click HERE to Register)
to Volunteer

Last year we had 90 bikes to give away ...
This year we are shooting for 100!!! Why this part is so important to us... Dylan had a Lightening McQueen bike that he loved to take everywhere! It made him happy maybe feeling free of all his treatments or just being lazy!! All I know is all kids deserve having a new bike!

So please help us reach our Goal again!!


1. You can drop them off at Highway 60 Motors (
Click Here for address & map);
2. Contact Us to make arrangements to pick up;
3. Purchase a bike online through your favorite store (Costco, Walmart, Target, etc.) and have it shipped directly to Highway 60 Motors (Click on the link above for address)  

If you have the ability to also donate a helmet, that would be fantastic too!

Make sure you leave your info with the bike if you want to have it in Honor or Memory of a loved one along with your name I will have it hanging on the bike.

Thank You For Keeping Dylan's name alive!! Dylan lived a short life here on this earth but we will continue to carry on his Legacy!!! We couldn't do it without you.
But keep them coming!
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